Serving Families with Comprehensive HLHS Information

Innovative In-Home Monitoring Technologies

Research Focused Cord Blood Program

Research and Innovation

There are so many advancements occurring within this field of medicine and care. We have assembled a sampling of some amazing innovations and research efforts.

Care Management

There are many important elements within care management. We aim to provide a collection of experiences from the HLHS community.

Mental Health and Wellness

We care about you, your caregivers, and your family. We have done our best to consolidate subjects to help.

HLHS Educational Library

Knowledge is power. We have assembled an extensive library of materials that may help you understand HLHS and associated topics of research and genetics.

Success Stories

There are many successes within the HLHS community. A few of our favorites are listed here.

Social communities

The HLHS community is strong. We encourage you to reach out for support from great people who are there to help.